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The Albert Walker Fuller Prize in Communication

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December 03, 2008


Political Observer

Just a question for you guys:
Do you have any journalistic integrity? I mean, do you guys even attempt to sound fair and non-biased? There was not even an interview with a supporter of these reforms to get his side, or to refute some of the baseless claims that were made in this clip. All this was was a rehash of anti-Belusconism that is dangerous for our country. A couple of questions:

- If they accuse (like that professor did) the government of privatizing universities (which is funny to hear the horror from a woman WHO ACTUALLY WORKS IN ONE), how on earth does that correspond to the government raising taxes?

- Why didn't anyone state how the "87,000 cuts" are going to be re-integrated into the system by the government in anther schools and classrooms?

- Why is there no talk of the injection of R&D funds to the most deserving universities, in the amount of €500 million?

- Why does no one talk of the immense favoritism and corruption that plagues the university system that the government is aiming to reduce with this bill, by the abolition of the legal worth of the degree?

- Why does no one speak for the parents and teachers who came out to SUPPORT the bill?

- Why is it being ignored that every single Western country has only ONE single elementary teacher to refer to, aside Italy?

- Why does also no one make mention that this "maestro unico" was supported by left-leaning newspapers like La Repubblica until just a few days ago?

- Why is it that even the Economist, the magazine that repeatedly bashes Prime Minister Berlusconi and his government SUPPORT the reforms?

- Understanding the inefficiency of Italian bureaucracy, why condemn the partial privatization of SOME universities? Don't you know that private = more efficient? Don't you know that it would still cost less than a school like JCU (the most prestigious private university in Rome, the LUISS, only costs about $6,000 a year).

Can you guys even PRETEND to be objective? Or is pushing a left-wing ideology more important than telling the truth?

When you can answer these questions successfully, you will have made great progress.

Good luck,

From an evil/fascist/bigoted/corporatist/rich/mean/racist Berlusconi supporter.

PS: He won 47% of the popular vote and won by a 9.3 point margin. Show a little respect, will you?

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