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The Albert Walker Fuller Prize in Communication

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November 16, 2008


Salim Samai

So much power and conviction in your article. Very rare!

I am an Arab, who lived and LOVE America (more so since I live in Europe). Obama is the last best hope on earth for untying the Israeli/Palestinian knot which holds ALL OF US hostage to the ideology of Reagan/Bush and the Neo Cons and which indeed further fed ALL RELIGIOUS EXTREMISMS.

So many are catching the Obama train after his victory; in the USA and Europe.
You certainly are one of them.

Thanks for so much conviction and passion.


Great article. As a registered Republican I'm a recent convert to the Democratic party and have decided to become a Yellow Dog voter. I'm sick of seeing only the rich and afluent Republican controlling the White House. Obama represents the true American dream. Not merely because he's black, but because of his background. he has truly shown that anyone can rise to the most powerful position in the nation. Yes we Did!

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