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The Albert Walker Fuller Prize in Communication

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February 26, 2008


Mike Patterson

somewhat of a twist for an article about a trip to Naples. Well written, but hoping they will find the way to clean the trash.

Ellen P.

The message I got from this article was that the beauty of the city can not be covered or hidden by trash.

Ellen P.

The message I got from this article was that the beauty of the city can not be covered or hidden by trash.

Courtland Day

I find it interesting that a city, such as Naples, so revered for its cultural and architectural aesthetics, has allowed such degrading circumstances to have occurred. I might expect such reports from cities like Detroit and New York, but never Naples.

Al K

Excellent article! It shows the difference between what we as Americans perceive and what is the truth. I makes me want to hop on a plane today!

Stella Goedderz

I found this article to be well written and informative. It is a testimony as to what goes on in cities throughout the world. We make our tourist areas look good for the "tourists" and so often the real life areas (where the locals live) is not so well taken care of. It is an embarrassement to all of humanity and it is only through information, such as this article, that will keep the garbage situation at the fore front of issues we are facing today. Thank you Sara for your insiteful article.

Francie White

Rome, yes. Naples, yes. Pizza, wine, lasagna...yes, yes, yes. Trash in the streets? No. A very interesting perspective on a "tourist" experience in one of the more history rich countries in the world. A real eye-opener.

v. marx

my heart goes out to all who suffer daily because their basic human needs are not being met. How unjust that while many live in poverty, others in that society live the life of luxury.

Marty Koeppel

Good informative article , garbage hauling and disposal of is becoming a ever increasing problem throughout the world.

Deb K

So, one city's trash hasn't become another city's treasure? I can't even imagine what I would do if I didn't have weekly garbage pick up... especially in the warmer summer months. Thank you for your insightful article... May the fine folks of Naples resolve their problems shortly. I've only heard wonderful comments about their beautiful city!!! Enjoy your trip!!!

max w

Hopefully some good will come from this informative article. Maybe an organization could be started like our Adopt-A-Highway programs where individual citizens or groups can help clean up? It took a city to make the mess...maybe it will take a city to clean it back up.

Maggie Thompson

I am glad to know that the media's interpretation of the problem is a bit overblown... that yes, it's a problem, but it does not diminish the beauty and tourism of the area. Hopefully they can get a handle on it though. well written article, I enjoyed reading it!

Maggie Thompson

a great article, well written and shows an interesting slant on the "percieved" problem to the one actually noticed. Makes the trip to Naples sound SOOOO much more pleasant for them than most would have anticipated.

Lorra Walton

I've just started reading the book Eat, Pray, Love. The whole first part of the book is about the author's travels in Italy. I really enjoyed reading your article because of that connection. Imagine eating pizza in the city that invented it! This was a balanced article showing both sides of a controversial issue. Thank you for your contribution!


Well i thought it was pretty good. I really didn't think a city like Naples be so fancy would have a trash problem like that. Thanks for the ensite.

ann d

I had seen some of the international coverage about this story. I'm glad to see some more info on it.

Patti B

Very interesting that the media portrays Naples as having a trash problem yet when you are visiting you don't notice. Is it a ploy to get people to visit? And why do the residence see it as such a problem when some who are visiting don't notice?

Patti B

Very interesting how the media makes the city sound like a spectical yet when being a visitor you don't notice what others view as a big problem.


What a well written article. I found it to be very informative and my heart goes out to those who are living with the trash problem in Naples.

Charlotte S

I found this artical to be well written and very informative. I would now like to go to Naples to see all the wonderful sights....But also to see if they have found a way to deal with there Trash probleam.

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