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The Albert Walker Fuller Prize in Communication

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April 26, 2007


Frank Liu

I'm going to open a gelato cafe. I'm quite impressed by the gelato ice cream cone dispenser in Giolitti shop, anybody knows where I can buy them?


I frequented the Blue Ice in the alleyway between Piazza Farnese, where I was staying, and the Campo di Fiori. We stopped there every night for a gelato and it was pure heaven.

Americans who have never tried actual Italian gelato (and what they call gelato here is NOT gelato) have no idea what they're missing. If someone can figure out a way to sell the real thing here in the US, with NO compromises, they would make a fortune.

C Nelson

I've gotta say that that would be a trial and error session that I would like to take part in. I love gelato and to taste it in Rome would be amazing.

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