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The Albert Walker Fuller Prize in Communication

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April 11, 2007


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(To all jazz pianists) How did you learn to play? How old were you when you started learning jazz?
I have played the piano since I was 6. I am classically trained having taken lessons until I was 18. I am a little out of practice, but I have made a new goal to polish up my skills again. I LOVE jazz, and have always wanted to learn to play jazz piano. So, in doing so, what would you recommend as the best approach? Please tell me of your experiences and what I should do.

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What modes do I use to solo over what chords in Jazz?
In general, what modes do I use to solo over what chords in Jazz? Basically, what are some basic chords for each different mode that sound good when soloed over using that mode? And how do I tell what chords sound good with what mode? I am a guitarist.

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He who in adversity would have succor, let him be generous while he rests secure. Do you think so?

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This learning could be from the course, from their roommates, from life, from where ever. They wrote their comment on an index card, anonymously.

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